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Mini Pack : Manholes
Mini Pack : Manholes

Unreal/Unity asset packs:

Seen on every city street, every alley, and every dungeon and factory, these are the kinds of meshes you can use over and over again.

Each cover is designed to sit on the ground by itself, or inside of one of the 2 provided housings for variation or even mounting on a wall or the end of a pipe.

What Is A Mini Pack?

A small, affordable collection of professionally crafted assets that you can add to your Unreal or Unity project. These packs are meant to save your artists from having to build every little detail in a scene. Use their time for something more valuable- like iconic vistas or hero props.

Even if these are not exactly what you need, maybe they're far enough along that your artists can tweak them a little to get what you need.
Installation is easy (instructions included) and there are no restrictions on use.

The only thing I ask is that you don't distribute these files for free or sell them as your own. Just be cool. Thanks!

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